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“Journeys in English Language Learning” is an interview podcast hosted by Emi Kamiya from Kamiya English Coaching (KEC) that invites Japanese speakers of English from around the globe to join in. By listening to the fascinating, in-depth conversations about the guests’ learning journeys, you will relate to them, learn from them, and be motivated to learn English.




Takeaways from #01-10


There are so many paths to becoming fluent in English and no two learners are the same. Regardless of being born and raised in or outside Japan, whether you feel your English is good or not, you are introverted or extroverted, a scientist, an artist, or an athlete, you can develop a good command of English.

Here you can listen to 11 guests in the first 10 episodes of the interview series who generously share their experience with all English learners whose journeys have just begun.


Takeaways from #11-20


In the interviews, the guests are only sharing their past experiences. But we are often drawn into their stories, feeling as if we were there. Some vigorously engage in learning, while others reach a deadlock, struggle to get out of the hole, and build up their courage. There are many dramatic moments in English learning journeys.

You, as an English learner, may be experiencing the very same moment right now. And someday, you may find yourself sharing your own story so that others can learn from your experience. We at KEC are rooting for English language learners.


Our Guests


#01. Yumiko Murai (MIT Media Lab, Postdoctoral associate)
#02. Rie Hiramatsu (Conference interpreter)
#03. Kenichi Shimada (Harvard Medical School, Postdoctoral fellow)
#04. Tomoko Matsukawa (Acumen, Innovation manager)
#05. Yusuke Isotani (City University of New York, PhD candidate in Art History)
#06. Eri Shimomukai (Educational creator)
#07. Sakura Isei and Ran Isei (Flight attendants of US airline companies)
#08. Marika Gunji (Hardware engineer)
#09. Misato Noto (TED translator)
#10. Ryo Tateishi (Stanford University, MBA student)
#11. Atsuhisa Shinomiya (Actor, dancer and stage director)
#12. Nana Yasuda (Translator, certified public accountant)
#13. Daisuke Sekine (Athletic trainer)
#14. Mika Iwano (Pediatric emergency physician)
#15. Shima Iuchi (Contemporary artist, art educator)
#16. Mizuho Ota (University of California San Diego, PhD student in Biological Sciences)
#17. Mayuko Umeda (Employee at a Japanese optical device manufacturer)
#18. Yuko Hashimoto (Ochanomizu University, Adjunct lecturer, PE and dance instructor)
#19. Shinichiroh Yamamoto (HR business partner at a US conglomerate)
#20. Naoko Sakaeda (University of Oklahoma, Assistant professor in School of Meteorology)

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